VoipSystems sp. z o.o. is a company with 17 years of experience in VoIP and Unified Communication market.

In 2004 we built a retail/wholesale softwitch which was introduced to the market under the name voipswitch.com.  It was the first "all-in-one", Microsoft Windows Server based softswitch with integrated billing. The voipswitch was a success among small and medium providers worldwide and enabled creating various services in the then emerging VoIP market. 

The voipswitch remained our main product for next several years.

Meanwhile we worked on mobile softphones, RCS projects and other VoIP related software components. 

Our clients include VoIP providers from every continent. Some of the names are  Reliance, Etisalat and Lyca Mobile.

In the last years our focus switched to business communication and tools supporting interactions with customers. As a result we created a cloud based service which provides Linux based Unified-communication platform. The platform is an isolated cloud instance, fully controlled through API, SDK and web management portal. 

Our target customers are Unified Communication providers, developers and businesses that need to own an advanced PBX which gives them extra kind of features that enables for example integration with other systems or APIs.

One of our main fields of research and development now is artificial intelligence and its applications in leveraging business processes. That includes voice and chat bots but also bot controlled marketing campaigns, scheduling meetings, managing task flows  etc.

The company is headquartered in Poland, Wroclaw and Opole.

Our team is a mix of higly skilled software developers with years of experience in telecommunication industry.

Management Team


CEO  PhD Chris Oglaza


CTO Michal Kozlowski